Friday, February 12, 2010


A brief explanation:
We are followers of our Lord Jesus. In our group were pastors, evangelists, street preachers, husbands, wives, businessmen, children, grandchildren, etc. We went to confront the blatant, public sin and deception being foisted upon Charismatic/Pentecostal segments of the church of Jesus in particular. We all work together with an organization called Operation Save America. Learn more about OSA here:

 OSA was having its annual leadership conference here in Charlotte and it just so happens that it is the same time Todd Bentley was having his conference. Knowing many months ago that Bentley and Morningstar were going to hatch this fake restoration scheme, I was burdened of the Lord to go and confront them whenever they decided to put Todd back up there. I did not know when this would be. I spoke with Flip Benham, the National Director of OSA and he agreed we would take a group and go. Little did we know that the Lord would work it out so that Todd and Morningstar, the false prophetic, would be confronted by those who have lived and walked in the true prophetic life and ministry.

So in December, when we knew that they were having Bentley's meeting in the first week of February, we saw the providential hand of God, seeing this same weekend OSA leaders from around the nation were coming. This was powerful confirmation to me that the burden that I was carrying for this confrontation was truly from heaven. Praise God!

In these videos, you will see some of the 30 or so people that went to Morningstar. Some defenders of Todd and Morningstar have already blogged that we are Pharisees, perhaps not saved, and that we brought a "demonic presence" to Morningstar. You can judge for yourself. But I can testify, having visited there many times, that there surely is a demonic presence there!

We find it quite interesting and providential that Oprah Winfrey's people were there filming to do a story on Todd and Morningstar. They followed us out after we were told to leave, and they interviewed many of us, and also filmed us debating with Morningstar defenders outside of their doors. Perhaps the Lord will use the secular arm to speak the truth to millions about these disgraceful men and highlight the fact that there are many who reject their nonsense and who hold to the Scriptures. Perhaps true Christianity will lift up its voice and be heard. His ministers are to be above reproach and full of the Holy Ghost, not sin, lust and irreverence.

I was also filmed by a camera man who I recognized as a man that was my a room mate of mine before I was married. Another providential situation! My friend Roy is doing a documentary about Lakeland and Todd. He lives in England, and I had not seen him in about nine years. He used to work for CBN in their video dept. So here is Roy filming me, and then we recognize each other and marvel at this "coincidence".

Thus we conclude through such confirmations and our own burdened hearts that what we did was orchestrated by God, and Scriptural in every way.
What we did, based on what was agreed upon, was that when Todd got up to speak, we would quote the Scriptures to him and call him to repentance. Flip would go first, and when he was escorted out, another from our group would rise and speak, until removed, and then another, and so forth. About seven of us spoke up during this time. We also handed out our pamphlets to congregants and left them all over the building.  And then we did interviews with Oprah's people and the film maker from the UK who just so happened to be an old friend of mine.

First, we have a video that explains why we went.  The first speaker is Flip Benham, the National Director for Operation Save America.  This is his actual admonition to all of us before we went to Morningstar.  It is followed by my explanation in further detail of who went and why we went.  Please watch these two parts and hear from our own mouths why we went, rather than listen to people speculate on this or attribute evil motives to us, or accusing that what we did was out of order.  No it was not.  Here is the truth:

1- Why We Went, Part One:

2- Why We Went, Part Two:

3- Here is the actual footage of what happened.  We threw some up the other day so we could see how it looks on Youtube, but this is much better and includes other footage as well:

4-  Here are some interviews after the confrontation outside of Morningstar:


  1. May God bless you all greatly for doing this. I can sense he is pleased with your humility and your obedience.

    I've log been concerned about Bentley's DOCTRINE as well as the things you have addressed here. I recently concluded a 4 part series on his embracement of the MSoG heresy.

    And yes, I'm pentecostal, too.

    -Bill Fawcett
    Beyondgrace Blog

  2. Thank you Bill. I will look at your work because the doctrinal abberations are just as critical and just as harmful to the lambs under the spell of people like Bentley and Joyner. We need those who have done the hard work of examining and cataloguing the errors and the ever-changing stories that I know you know are out there, like the changing of Emma's gender to cover the heretical idea of a female angel once word got out about it. God bless you

  3. I am happy, beyond happy to see you guys. God bless.

  4. Excellent! I'll be praying for you all.

  5. Just get over it! I am sure Todd and Jessa asked for forgiveness to the Lord and they have been forgiven. All their sins were washed away by the blood of Jesus. I am not in anyway condoning what Todd and Jessa had done. But let us forgive him as the Lord had forgiven him.

  6. I watched the video of the RIGHTFUL public rebuke of bentley. I was horrified that some audience members were mocking YHVH and His rebuke of this false prophet who is obviously in it for profit. As soon as the second public rebuke came bentley started going for the "offering." It was clear that he had to get his money before more people in the room started catching on that what was happening was very unusual in this day of rampant sin in the church. I also noticed that not many people were clapping for bently when he said he "felt the anointing." This man IS a false prophet and needs to be shut down and silenced. This kind of hypocrisy is exactly why we are seeing no growth for Yeshua in America. It is time for MEN OF ELOHIM to STAND UP for Truth and silence the blasphemies and money changers. bently operates in the kundini (east indian) spirt and his wife speaks to dead people--both are anti-Mashiyach! This is abhorrent and vile and it's taking down many Believers. I have seen this kundini take down two congregations right before my eyes. BEWARE! It is a false movement of YHVH. AMEN!